Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Maths- Pie Chart

This week in maths we have been focusing on different ways to present data. In this activity I asked my class what there favourite brand of clothing was out of 5 options. I presented my data in a pie graph.

I served 25 students and the favourite brand is Nike as it has 9 people. Puma and Adidas are the least favourite both on three. Converse and the other option are also even on 5 as they are both on 20%.
If you add all the percentages they equal 100%.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable arts 2017

For wearable arts this year Finlay and I created a Chinese dragon. Our inspiration this year was on festivals. Every group chose a festival and created a costume inspired by it. My group created a Chinese new year festival traditional dragon because we loved that it was colourful and they dress in some amazing costumes. This was made in two parts, the tail and the head.

 The head is formed from paper mache that covered some chicken wire. That then connected the the jaw that was made from a structure of cardboard then layers of paper mache to form the shape we wanted. After that we painted it red, orange and yellow as the main colours.

Tail is a structure made from wire and bent pipe. The pipe was bet to the shape of the tail then the wire was threaded through drilled holes and shaped into half circle to drape the sheet through. We hot glued spikes on the pipe made from cardboard then draped the sheet over everything and cut slits for the spikes. We painted scales on the sheet that were red, orange and yellow to match the head. We then made the end of the tail and attached it to the spikes.

think the head turned out the best as it has detail and is made out off alot of recycled items and we like our colour scheme.Next time we will start it earlier so we weren't rushing towards the end. Also we would work more on the sheet and do finer details.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Weekly Reflection


For maths this week we carried on with completing tasks to do with probability. Heres my probability work book I completed.


For reading the set of instructions we had to follow was to make an origami dog. Heres mine...

Friday, 28 July 2017

Weekly reflection T2


For the start of this term we all completed a probability task made on google slide. Helping us to work out the questions was a maths site called mathoplis. This site gives useful information about the maths topic and then you can challenge your self and answer a few questions.

Heres the slide we completed...


Also in reading we followed a set of instructions to make an origami heart. Heres my finished creation and the instructions I followed.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hanmer Camp 2017

Last week rm 17 and 18 went on camp! We had an amazing time participating in orienteering, mountain biking, tree climbing, mission impossible, town study and the hot pools.

My favourite activities were tree climbing and going to the hot pools.

The tree climbing activity was amazing. The challenge was to get as high up the tree as you could before getting belayed down by your class mates.I was pleased with myself because I was one of 5 people to make it to the top. It was an awesome feeling looking down at everyone from the highest point in the tree. Being harnessed  up you had to trust your classmates on keeping the rope tight. It was a challenge at the start to trust your buddy but everyone managed to climb the tree. Here is the start of the tree we were climbing

The hot pools were also one of my favourite because it was get to warm up after the cold day of activities.
Going down the super bowl was an awesome feeling every time. The gust of fresh air as you came out the tunnel gave me so much ad reline. Relaxing in the hot pools was a great way to end the day too.

Also we all walked up Conical hill. The view was amazing at the top!When you reached the look out you could see most of Hanmer and the farmlands just out of the town. Also you see the mountains behind you with logging tracks heading up the hills .
Heres a pick of me and my friends at the top and the amazing view...

Overall camp was sooo much fun. I learnt so many things while I was in Hanmer too.
If you want to see a video Miss Hines made on our experience here's the link...

Friday, 12 May 2017

T2 Wk2 Reflection

This week was book week for the school. Every day we went on the reading blog and a quiz was there for us to complete. One of the activities was to find the answers to all of these questions.Have a go and try and answer them yourself.

1. What special power does Mr Fantastic have?2. What is the name of the wand maker who sells Harry Potter his wand?3. Who does Artemis Fowl kidnap to get his hands on some fairy gold?4. What is Roald Dahl's favourite colour?5. How many books are in the Narnia series? 

Also for our journal contracts we had to read a journal story and answer some questions about it. Here are some of the questions I answered on the story Escape of the Wahine.

1.How did Graham come to believe they were doomed before they actually hit the rocks?
50 yards away graham saw the lighthouse but between them and the lighthouse were  a mass of rocks out of the water. The wind and the sea was pushing the boat into them.

2. How Did Graham get off the ship?
As the ship was starting to sink they hoysted ladders over the side and Graham climbed down the ladders and dived into the sea. He eventually made it to a beach by lifeboat.

3. Where did Graham suggest that most of the  people who died were killed?
Graham said that 51 people died as they got dumped among the rocks out at sea.Luckily he wasn't one of them.

4.Write 5 opened ended questions you could ask a grandparent or older person to get them to talk about an outstanding event in their life.
1. How did you feel while this was happening?
2. What outcome did it have on you?
3.How old were you when this happened?
4.What happened in this event?
5.what was the cause of it?

Tell frightening episode in your life.
When one of my family members became very ill.

The stupid earthquake in 2016

Thursday, 4 May 2017

T2 WK1 Weekly Reflection


This Week for Maths we had to complete a maths units of measure task on maths buddy. Here are some of the questions I answered.


In reading we read a story from a journal then answered some questions about the story. 
The story I read was Hands up for henna. Here is some of the questions I answered.

A henna is paste usually made for body decoration. As well as using the paste for body art it is believed to have some healing and spiritual powers. When using this henna paste it is piped onto the body leaving a design to dry. After the design dries you take of the top layer of piping, then it will leave your skin coloured with the desired design.

Occasions like weddings,New year celebrations, and festive celebrations Somali people tend to decorate themselves in these designs.